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Reader Dan S. writes in to ask, “Which T-shirt should I wear under a white dress shirt?”

At first glance, this seems to be a simple question. “A man should wear a white T-shirt under a white dress shirt,” would be the answer. And BOOM! we’re done.

But in the name of research (some might call it “killing time until lunch”) I typed the question into a popular search engine and guess what? A million people have asked the very same thing. (I’m assuming it’s people and not robots.)

Discussion centers around what function a T-shirt serves and which style of T-shirt to wear and why is a sleeveless T-shirt still called a T-shirt when it doesn’t look much like the letter T and maybe we should call it something else like a U-shirt.

Good news! Over the next couple weeks – although it may seem like much, much longer – we’ll explore the answer to your question in excruciating detail. We’ll discuss styles, fabrications and the function of the T-shirt. We’ll look at colored tees vs. white tees. We’ll consider pit stains, deodorant and chest hair. And we’ll answer this fundamental question, “Which is correct: tee shirt or T-shirt?”

Stay tuned – you may learn you’ve been wearing yours wrong your whole life! Or not. (Hint: the label goes on the inside unless you’re in college and trying to avoid doing laundry by wearing yours inside out after you’ve worn it right side out for a couple days. I think my son once made it through a whole semester with a bottle of Febreze and two T-shirts using this technique which he totally did not learn from his father.)

See you next time for Part One of The Completely Exhaustive Encyclopedic All-encompassing and Completely Unnecessary Extremely Long Look at the Tee Shirt (or T-shirt).

You’re welcome.

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