The Ins and Outs of Lands’ End Jeans


In designing Lands’ End Jeans, we literally worked from the ground up. Okay … maybe “from the waist down” is a better way to put it. And since more went into the process than we can possibly say in a pithy piece of selling copy, we thought we’d get into greater depth here. So you can get all the information you need to get the right jeans for you.

waistbandFrom the top:

Low Rise Fit 1 and Mid Rise Fit 2 styles have a contour waistband. What that means is that the waistband sits a bit higher in the back (to keep you covered) and dips in the front. And it’s designed to “anchor” at the back of your waist.

That’s right – no gaps. (Yay!)

High Rise Fit 3 styles, which sit at the waist, have traditional straight waistbands – level from front to back.


Hip and Thigh
Low Rise and Mid Rise measure the same through the hip and upper thigh. They’re designed to skim the body while giving a straighter appearance. It isn’t that the jeans are cut straight (they’re plenty curvy) – you just won’t look “hippy” in them. This also means that if you’ve always wanted to try slim jeans – and already like the fit in our Mid Rise straight leg or boot cut – our Low Rise Slim are likely the perfect slim jeans for you!

High Rise Fit 3 is a little different – it has a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh. Not loose or sloppy – just a little bit eased.

We also pay close attention to the measurement of the jeans at mid thigh. Getting too tight there creates all kinds of issues, like the jeans pulling down in back when you sit. “I see London, I see France” was played out a looooong time ago.


All kinds of magic going on here. In front, the pockets are sewn into the fly and made of a non-stretch fabric. On Mid Rise Fit 2 and High Rise Fit 3 styles (which sit just below or at the waist, respectively), they give you a hint of smoothing in front. In all fits, sewing the pockets this way also means you won’t have pocket bags popping out. We also designed the pockets to end at the crease between your hip and thigh. That’s so they don’t create any bulk or lines over your thighs. Much more flattering.

The back pockets are a bit of genius. They’re cut asymmetrically and (on Low and Mid Rise) angled just a touch, so the top edge mirrors the curve of the yoke. Tilting the pockets and sizing them just right does amazing things for your backside.

So there it is. Everything you need to know about the fit and design of Lands’ End Jeans – and then some. We know you’ll love them as much as we do!

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