Jean-ius: The Smart Guide To Finding Your Perfect Pair

I shop almost exclusively online. Even if there’s a store right around the corner, I prefer to cruise bestsellers and new arrivals via my laptop. That cruising includes an annual jeans purchase (or two). Though I’ll admit making a decision digitally isn’t always the easiest choice. I’m pretty confident I’ll get an accurate fit when restocking my shirts and sweaters, but jeans are ten times trickier to get right. However, if you’re set on a stop by the store consider these my official recommendations on how to find the perfect pair of jeans for you.


1. Research first.
It pays to prep. If there’s a trend you want to try, find out which stores do it best — or at all (not everyone carries culottes!). Having some sort of vision ahead of time gets you started on the right track and increases the likelihood of finding what you want.

2. Go early. 
Start the day with a quick AM workout (I always feel better posing in three-way mirrors after a little cardio) then hit the road. Since it’s the first task of the day, you’ll have more energy to get through a potentially grueling marathon morning.

3. Stay open.
Don’t scrap something because it didn’t work last year. Brands are always evolving fits and introducing new styles, and you could be surprised by what works this time.

4. Pack a pair.
Wear something comfortable, but bring the heeled boots (or whatever!) you plan to wear all season with you into the dressing room to get an accurate picture of your silhouette. Standing on your tiptoes to envision longer legs (like I do) only works so well.

5. Make friends. 
Don’t be afraid to talk to the store associate. She’ll know if the denim stretches, if the sizes run small, what fits have been flying off the shelves, and whether there’s a particular cut to highlight your best asset.

Now that you’ve pocketed these tips for your shopping trip, feel free to forget ‘em ;)

Here’s why.

We launched a brand new jeans collection. And with free shipping and returns through August 29, you can go click crazy on the computer. Throw a few different sizes and fits into your cart and forget the regret because if something isn’t looking stellar, it’s simple to send back and swap out. Plus, you can shop anytime online and not stress about which pair of pumps to squeeze into your purse — you’ll have your entire shoe rack at the ready when your package arrives.



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