Stuck In The Doldrums

Nothing makes you feel more alive than cruising with the wind at your back. And nothing is more frustrating than sitting stagnant in the water when the wind unexpectedly dies.

Luckily there are ways to maintain sanity when this happens that don’t involve arguing all the different ways Gilligan and the Skipper could have fixed the hole in the boat.

Card Games
We recommend “non-gambling” and “non-drinking” games. Sailors (especially captains) are notoriously good gamblers and drinkers. Back in the day ships were won and lost by the flip of a card or too many pulls from the bottle.


Scrimshaw Carving
You’ll need a sperm whale’s tooth or the tusk from a walrus. Plus, a metal scribing tool and some squid or octopus ink. On second thought, a card game sounds like fun.


Nothing passes the time like working on an art project. There are many nautical tattoo options to consider – like an anchor, the nautical star, a Tahitian lady in a grass skirt. Or better yet, consider playing a card game.


Jump In
By far the best option if you ask us. Throw on a swimsuit, slop on some suntan lotion (or better yet, throw on a Rash Guard or Swim Tee) and take a swim.


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