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Reader Lavelle S. writes in to ask, “Is it true that cuffed pants are coming back in style?”

Ahh, my friend, the answer to this question is “yes”. And “no.”

You see, in certain places and for certain formal occasions, cuffs never left. Cuffed pants have always been considered dressier than hemmed pants. There are occasions of state or ceremony where cuffed pants are de rigueur.  So in that sense, they’ve always been in fashion.

But even on the casual end of the spectrum men have been wearing jeans with rolled up cuffs for a couple seasons now. And while that’s a little different from wearing pants with cuffs, it’s still wearing pants that are cuffed. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.

But if it’s rules you want, I’ve combed the internet and discovered these four rules that have been observed since the days of Sir William Cuffington III, after whom “cuffs” are named:

Rule #1: Experts say plain front pants should never have cuffs. Except in some cases.

Rule #2: You may read that double pleated front pants should always have cuffs. Except in some cases.

Rule #3: Certain fashion gurus will tell you that single pleated front pants could go either way, cuffed or uncuffed, it just depends.

Rule #4: Some say short men should never wear cuffs because they shorten the leg line, making the wearer appear shorter. Others say this is “hooey,” or “mind your own beeswax,” and if a guy wants to “wear his pants” with cuffs he should.

So right off the cuff, I’d say you’re free to do as you wish. Cuff away – or don’t. Either way, you’re in style.

You’re welcome.

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