28 Years Of Lands’ End Jeans



With the much-anticipated debut of our new denim collection (featured in our new catalog, above) we thought it’d be fun to look through some old Lands’ End catalogs and see how jeans – and personal styles – have changed over the years. Herewith, a brief look at Lands’ End jeans for the last 28 years.



We proudly roll out our first jeans, called Square Rigger®.

Since jeans were new for us, we evidently figured they were new to everyone… so we went so far as to define the word “jeans.” You’re welcome.



In the fall of 1993, color and stonewashing were the big trend in jeans, so we happily obliged. In fact, we went nuts offering men 10 colors of “Denim done right” and women their choice of 8 colors.

The two models posing in our women’s stonewashed jeans did their best to put on a brave face but rumor had it they secretly longed to be on the issue’s inside cover wearing that year’s biggest hit, pleated stirrup pants.



Denim was huge in the fall of 1995 and we went all in with shirts, skirts, jeans, jackets… we had it all.

Our competitive edge that year was the yarn we used. And evidently we decided our target jeans customer was… everyone. From old farmers and working-class guys and gals, to yuppie couples in love who appear as though they just got back from the county fair and won the big prize at the ring toss game.



As we entered the 21st century, not only did we not have flying cars but we were still wearing our jeans up to our navels. We had, however, started recognizing that people wanted more options in their jeans like Relaxed Fit, Slim Classic and this super sexy drawstring number. Sigh…




2005 was a fairly evolutionary year in jeans fashion, and we introduced a whole new lineup for men. Waistlines were finally trending lower, we offered some new, trimmer silhouettes and bootcut was the clear favorite fit.

The streaked look of our ringspun denim added texture and, for the first time in a long time, attracted new customers looking for more modern jeans options.



2009 was all about fit and personal preference in women’s jeans. Some women wanted a sleeker look, others wanted a more traditional fit. No matter what you liked, we offered some very fashion-forward options that really resonated with our customers.


One thing that hasn’t changed in the 26 years we’ve carried jeans… they’re always Guaranteed. Period.®


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