Summer Workout Tips From Our Lands’ End Pro

As vacation season approaches, it’s the ideal time of year to up your workout regimen so you can look your best in that new swimsuit or dress you just bought.

We’re fortunate to have a fantastic workout facility at Lands’ End. And we also have Derek – one of the most informative trainers I’ve ever met.

When it comes to staying in shape, there are countless classes to take, new routines to try and endless “gym clothing” options. So we bounced a few questions off Derek to get his professional recommendations.

The New Studio Class: Barre 3
What is Barre 3? It’s a studio class that incorporates ballet barre work, Pilates and yoga and builds long, lean muscles and strengthens your core. By the end, you will have worked every single muscle in your body – even ones you didn’t know you had.

Derek’s Pre-Class Tip: Before signing up for a Barre 3, start strengthening your core at home by doing planks. You can even throw on a weighted backpack for increased difficulty. “Flexibility comes with core strength, and there’s no other at-home exercise that strengthens your core as effectively as planks.”

Clothing Options
Performance Active Pants | Performance Capri Leggings | Performance Crewneck Tee | Performance Control Top Tank | Performance Sports Bra



The Original Exercise: Running
You already know what running is, but to reap the full benefits (a stronger heart and increased calorie burn) you need to build endurance.

Derek’s Endurance Building Tip: Squats, squats and more squats. They strengthen your hamstrings, quads and glutes, and any exercise that makes your legs stronger will make you a better runner. Also, speed comes from your core (funny, how your core affects almost everything) so planks, sit-ups and reverse crunches will enhance your running performance, too.

Clothing Options
Relaxed Performance Pants | Relaxed Performance Capris | Performance Tunic | Performance Long Sleeve Crewneck |Performance Sport Jacket



The Impact Workout: Boxing
Now before you start thinking you’re going to get beat up, this is not man-on-man, split-lip, revive-with-smelling-salts boxing. Small boxing gyms popping up around the country give you an intense 30-minute workout, no facial injuries in sight.

Derek’s Performance Enhancing Tip: Explosive exercises to help you improve your agility in the ring. High knees or box jumps flex your entire body at once, making every muscle work simultaneously and improving your endurance and stamina when the time comes to get in the ring.

Clothing Options
Sweat Pants | Relaxed Performance Shorts | Performance V-neck T-shirt | Crew Sweatshirt | Colorblock Performance Sport Jacket



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