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Reader Johnny S. writes in to ask, “Let’s pretend I’m going to wear a pair of socks. Should they match my pants, my shirt or what?”

Easy one! Johnny my boy, your socks can match your shirt, your pants, your tie, your pocket square – darn near everything you’re wearing that’s visible. And if they don’t match anything at all, that’s ok too. It’s a personal choice!

I know some “fashion gurus” out there will warn you about wearing socks that match your shoes so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing boots, but I say if you want to look like you’re wearing boots, that’s your business. Not the business of some “fashion guru” who’s probably not wearing socks at all.

And if you want to mow the lawn wearing black knee-highs and sandals, that’s your business, too. I don’t care what your neighbors think, this is America. The pilgrims wore dark knee high socks when they first came to this country, so it’s in our American heritage. Your neighbors aren’t anti-pilgrimites, are they?

Anyway, go nuts! Wear whatever color socks you want, whenever you want. And for what it’s worth, I’d just like to say thanks for wearing ANY socks in the first place.

You’re welcome.

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