The Shirt Off My Dad’s Back

We recently received this email from Lola, a longtime Lands’ End shopper and flannel shirt superfan.



Dear Lands’ End,

I wanted to express my gratitude for Lands’ End and their great products, inspired by the recent death of a beloved flannel shirt.



This is no normal flannel shirt.

No sir – it was the shirt that my dad wore tied around his waist when he built our family’s house back in the ‘70s (and he usually wore it paired with shorts that were too short and showed way too much chest hair).  In 1997 it moved to California with my family and was passed from my dad to my mom. Some of my earliest memories of my mom are of her wearing it. It was the shirt she would inevitably be wearing whenever I crept into the kitchen after bedtime, unable to sleep because of the monsters under my bed or lurking behind my door. I still remember her setting her tea down on the kitchen table and hugging me – my face buried in the front of the flannel, which fit her like a veritable tent. Years later, I dug this same flannel out of my mom’s old clothes chest and was flooded by memories of those late night hugs.

Since rescuing it from the clothes chest it has accompanied me to Europe and South America. It has worked on numerous farms and car engines and has acquired more and more character along the way.

Today, the shirt is more tears than fabric and the un-torn areas have worn so thin that they threaten to burst at any moment.  The collar is tattered and the many layers of cloth now show through.  There are so many mended tears that I can’t bring myself to put a needle to it anymore.

This shirt is so much a part of my memory of my family and childhood and has served me well as an adult as well.  Thank you so much for your great product. I can’t wait to buy my next one from you.

Lola Q.


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