Guy Gifts: The Scratch Golfer Dad

Truth be told, the odds that he’ll earn a cool golf nickname like “The Golden Bear” are slim. And his argument in favor of “the mulligan rule” is a bit illogical. While on paper he may be a scratch golfer, in reality he’s your club-wielding dad who loves the game. Maybe a bit too much. So even though he’ll never wear the green jacket, you can at least help him look like a pro.




Argyle Vest: Golf was invented in Scotland. Argyle patterns were invented in Scotland. Intermittent weather was invented in Scotland. Enough said.

Supima® Polo: A polo this soft will make it easier for him to deal with all the balls he has to play in the rough.

Outrigger® Anorak: Not only does it repel light rain, it has an oversized front pocket to store all the extra golf balls he’s going to need.

All-Weather Golf Pants: Designed to go from the office to the links. If he wears them every day to work and comes home smelling like sunscreen you may want to be suspicious.

Lighthouse™ Chino Shorts: A consistently good-looking chino short is ideal for his not-so-consistent short game.

Braided Belt: It will help keep his pants on when he loses his shirt betting on a 20-foot putt.

Madras Popover: Lightweight and breathable for those days when he has time to play 36 holes.

Embroidered Towel: If you take care of your clubs, your clubs will take care of you.

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