Guy Gifts: The Outdoorsman Dad

He calls himself the “man of the house,” but ironically you’ll never find him there. He’s up before the sun to go fishing. When the fish don’t bite he jumps in for a swim. To dry off from his swim he goes for a bike ride. When he returns from his ride he takes the dog for a hike. What’s he doing later? Who knows? He’s never around to ask.



Baseball Jacket: If he loves the game you know he’ll love the jacket.

Cycle Pants: Peddling style with function, we’ve tricked these out with practical features for a comfortable ride to anywhere…even a nice restaurant.

Clarks Desert Boots: His favorite not because they’re comfortable and modern but because they’ll remind him of being outside when stuck in a meeting.

Guildsman Workshirt: This shirt was designed just like the chambray shirts the men who built America wore. If it was tough enough for them, it’s tough enough for him.

Tool Roll: Even if he wasn’t a Boy Scout I’m sure he believes in the motto “Be Prepared!” This will help when the bike, boat or hang glider break down.

Travel Kit: Since he’s always on the go, chances are he could use a durable travel kit that can keep up with all his adventures.

Anchor Polo: Although he lives by the saying “Never Drop Anchor – Keep Exploring,” it’s ok for him to wear a mesh polo like this.

Swim Shorts: They may be designed for swimming but we’ve yet to find an outdoor activity that these shorts can’t partake in…except maybe rock climbing.

Rash Guard: The official uniform of swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kite boarding, canoeing, water skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, jet skiing…

Nautical Belt: Keeps his pants on and doubles as a tourniquet should he ever get bitten by a rattlesnake during one of his outings.

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