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Reader Alex W. asks, “Did I hear correctly that sweatshirts are the new sport coat? Because if they are, I’ve got like 25 sport coats in my closet. Which would be totally awesome.”

Alex, you heard partly right. Sport influences are showing up everywhere in men’s clothing this season. And many men are using sweatshirts as a “third layer,” in place of a sweater or sport coat.

In order to wear a sweatshirt this way, it should have simple, clean lines and some distinctive styling details like v-notch stitching at the neck. No lettering or artwork allowed! You should not wear sweatshirts emblazoned with your team’s logo, memes or a witty saying like, “It’s win-win if you’re in the business of losing.”

I’m just taking a wild guess here, but this will probably eliminate 24 of your 25 sweatshirts from contention.

While crewnecks are a popular choice, zip fronts and half-zips are popular and look a little “dressier.” These are the sweatshirts most often worn over a shirt and tie for a look that’s “on-trend” and not at all “dorky” or “weird.”

A side note: you may have seen men wearing sweat pants with dress shirts and ties. This is not a trend; these men misjudged how long it would take to eat breakfast when suddenly their carpool arrived and they had to run out the door. You are seeing them in the mall food court because they needed to buy a pair of pants and also didn’t have time to pack a lunch.

One more observation: pairing a sweatshirt with sweat pants does not make a “suit” that you can wear to a wedding this summer. (Nice try, though.)

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You’re welcome.

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