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Reader Ryan W. asks, “All of my pants are plain front. Should I consider adding a pair of pleated pants to my wardrobe?”

Ryan, to fully answer your question let’s go “Behind the Seams,” a regular feature of this column where we give you, the reader, an insider’s look at the fast-paced, exciting and glamorous world of fashion.

Today, we’re taking a peak into the think tank room of an anonymous fictional company that does not exist. The completely fictional group is discussing how they can increase the sales of fictional men’s pants.

Meeting chairperson: “How are we going to sell more pants? We’ve got to give people a reason to buy more pants from us. Anyone have any ideas about selling more pants?”

Designer person: “What if we added a couple extra belt loops? We’ve already got seven; we could go to nine or maybe even all the way up to 11. That could look cool.”

Another designer person: “How about pants that are like jeans in the front and chinos in the back? We could call them ‘Jeanos’.”

First designer person: “What about pleats? We could bring back pleats.”

The other designer person: “Pleats! I like it. And I’m just spit-balling here – but what if they were triple reverse pleats?”

Marketing person: “We can convince everyone these pants are the next big thing. They’d feel like they need to replace EVERY PAIR OF PANTS IN THEIR CLOSET!”

Meeting chairperson: “Why are you shouting?”

Marketing person: “I got excited that it was my turn to talk.”

Meeting chairperson: “Well, we’ve done some good work here. Triple reverse pleated pants with 11 belt loops that look like jeans in the front and chinos in the back are the next big thing.”

First designer person: “I totally want credit for coming up with this idea.”

Second designer person: “What do you mean? You just said ‘pleats.’ I came up with ‘triple reverse pleats.’ And ‘jeanos’!”


(They lunge across the meeting table at each other and a minor scuffle ensues.)

Meeting Chairperson: “Meeting adjourned.”

So Ryan, next time you see a shirt or sweater or maybe a pair of pants in the store and think to yourself, “Wow, these look like they were designed by a committee,” you’ll know that chances are…

You’re welcome.

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