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Reader Morris S. asks, “I see men wearing sneakers with suits. Others wear dress shoes with jeans. Are there rules about footwear I should know?”

Rules? Of course there are rules! Fashion wouldn’t be fashion without hard and fast rules that change with the season into brand new hard and fast rules that contradict last season’s hard and fast rules. That’s the exciting world of fashion!


To help you out, I’ve compiled a list I call “This Season’s Fashion Footwear Do’s.”
DO: wear sneakers with suits.
DO: pair dress shoes with denim.
DO: take a chance to make a statement.

Here’s an insider’s tip for the very trendy fashion-forward early adopter person: Mix your shoes, but match colors. Wear one brown loafer with one brown work boot. People will know you’re cutting edge – and your shoes will last twice as long!


Avoid these “Fashion Footwear Don’ts.”
DON’T: wear wing tips with board shorts at the beach.
DON’T:  wear work boots with cut-off denim shorts.*
DON’T: wear one dress shoe with one sneaker. (SPOILER ALERT: This may well turn out to be the look next season, so let’s all hold hands and agree to save it for then. After all, timing is everything in fashion!)

Aside from these “guidelines,” feel free to pair up your favorite pair of shoes with any pair of pants in your “wardrobe.”

You’re welcome.

*OK if you’re the construction guy in the Village People.

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