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Wow! It must be heating up out there because this week I got a ton of questions about swim trunks! And by a ton, I mean three. Here are just a few of those three:

“Why are some styles called trunks?” “What’s the most popular style this summer?” And finally, “Why are some styles called trunks?”

Whew! Let’s tackle the style question first.

Our new Monterey Board Short is the style of the season. It fits closer to the body and has a shorter inseam (5”). It’s an amazingly versatile style that’s definitely not just for the beach. Check it out here.

As for why some styles are called “trunks,” a quick search on the line reveals that there are a ton of theories about the origin of the name. And by a ton, I mean three. None of which agree.

So I looked up “trunks” in a book I have in my office. Here’s what the book said:

TRUNKS n. baggies, jammies, clamdiggers, knee-busters (swimming). See also PANTS.

“Knee-busters?” Really? As in, “Who ya gonna call?”

So then I looked in another book, but there wasn’t any information about trunks, but there was a lot of information about keeping bees in the city and I learned what “apiary” meant. So I read that for a while.

Then I got hungry and ate an orange.

And then a couple of colleagues came into my office and we talked about the weather, which has been pretty weird lately. Turns out one of them is taking a nice family trip next week. Then my wife called about making Saturday night reservations for dinner with some friends, so I took care of that. And by then it was time to go home.

So, keep those questions coming! I’ll get to them as soon as this breakneck pace slows down a little.

You’re welcome.

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