Mystery Solved: How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

If you identify a fitted sheet in your linen closet as “that thing bunched up on the shelf,” then keep reading. Here’s the solution to make any linen closet look neater and easier to navigate.

We got together with our bedding merchant, Meredith, and asked her how she folds a fitted sheet. She noted there are several ways to do it, but this is her easy method:


1.      From the dryer, shake the sheet onto a bed or a flat working surface.



2.     Put two fists into the corners of a shorter side.



3.     Fold sheet in half and tuck corners into corners.



4.     Tuck corner and fold from side.



5.     Fold over opposite side.



6.     Fold over each long side until they meet in the middle.



7.     Fold from bottom up.



8.     Voila! Neat sheet ready for storage.



Here are some tips: 
Store flat and fitted sheets with extra pillowcases within a pillowcase. That way the set stays together and is ready for making a bed.
And, when making your bed, if you put the Lands’ End label at the lower right-hand corner (or upper left-hand corner) the sheet will be aligned with the mattress correctly. 

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