Inside Coachella


I’m waaay too young to have had the opportunity to attend Woodstock, but to me the event always conjured up romantic images of youth, dancing outdoors, flowers in the hair and just plain fun. So when I had the opportunity to attend the Coachella Music Festival, the modern-day Woodstock, I jumped at it. My husband is a video technician for live performances (aka roadie) and was touring with one of the headliners this year. He’d be attending both weekends of the festival in Palm Springs with a week off in between. Sign me up!

Three days of music, fun, and youth. Lots and lots of youth. This well-organized event was generations beyond Woodstock. Lots of security. Including chips in your wristbands allowing the organizers to know where you belonged or did not belong. And if you signed up for the Coachella app the chip would track you to help find the next act you wanted to watch. Having an “artist” wristband allowed me to view some behind-the-scenes activity including a trailer park that served as the artists’ dressing rooms and a highway of golf carts transferring artist and crew members to their appropriate stage and/or catering. And the wristband allowed me to stand in the VIP section of the audience, giving me a great view of the stage – but mostly the ability to take good pics of the video screen.

I got my chance to witness youth at its very best: unrestrained dancing outdoors to great music. And if they had sold flowers at the event’s “general store” I would have bought some and worn them proudly in my hair.


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