In The Mail This Week…

We got an actual letter (and photos) from long-time customer Dr. Sandy M. of Alberta, Canada. The good doctor wrote to tell us about how well his Original Attaché has held up over the years:


To whom it may concern:

So long ago that I no longer have records to document its purchase, I purchased a blue monogrammed briefcase bag.

I am a physician in his 35th year of practice and I have been using this particular bag for probably at least 25 of those years. From the enclosed photographs you may be able to identify its approximate birth date more accurately, but as far as I recall, I purchased this bag very shortly after it became available.


Since then, I have been carrying this bag back and forth to work, to conferences, into town to run errands – heck, I’ve been carrying it just about everywhere…

As you can see from the enclosed photographs, my bag has aged about as gracefully as I have. There are a few worn-out spots, it has softened and assumed its own unique shape, and has been patched and repaired in a few places.


I fully intend to continue using my Lands’ End bag for about another three years until I retire.

Sandy M.

Red Deer, Alberta


Thanks, Doc! We weren’t able to ascertain its exact birthdate either (we began carrying the Original Attaché in 1977 and sold well over a million!) but we do know there are more than a few still in service.

More concerning perhaps is that you’ve implied that you’re in similar condition as your bag… you might want to have a colleague check out your worn-out spots to ensure you’ll be able to fully enjoy your impending retirement. ;-)

Thanks for the nice letter!

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