How To Retire Your Winter Sweaters For The Season

Here are some quick tips for tidying up your sweaters and storing them during the spring and summer months.


Fuzz Off!

Has your sweater been producing little hairballs? When these ugly fluff-tufts appear it’s called “pilling,” and they’re easy to clean up with a sweater stone. And if you don’t have a sweater stone you can try using some duct tape. Hold the pilling area taut, press the tape against the pills and pull the tape straight off.


Hit A Snag?

Fixing a snag or loose thread is actually quite easy. It just takes a steady hand.

  • First, turn the sweater inside out.
  • Use a safety pin to pull the yarn back inside the sweater.
  • Finally, tie a knot in the yarn close to the body of the sweater and trim off the excess. This will prevent the yarn from loosening up again.


Don’t Dry Clean It

Dry cleaning likes to strip away the natural oils from the yarn that create its luster and can also stiffen your sweater. Instead, clean it the old-fashioned way.

  • First, measure the sweater in four places: across the chest, shoulder to shoulder, across the bottom and along the outside of each arm. Write down these measurements. They’ll come in handy later in the cleaning process.
  • Fill up a sink with cold water and mix in two spoonfuls of regular shampoo.
  • Turn the sweater inside out and let it soak for 5 minutes, occasionally swishing it around.
  • Drain the sink and rinse the sweater until all the suds are gone.
  • Loosely ball it up and press out any excess water.
  • Lay it out on a clean towel and (if necessary) gently stretch it back to the original chest, shoulder and arm measurements.
  • Roll up the sweater and towel tightly together to remove any leftover water. Unroll and lay the sweater flat on another clean/dry towel to dry completely.

Once dry, fold it up and store it in a sweater bag or a cotton pillowcase.

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