7 Nearly Unbelievable Facts about our Comfort Waist Pants


1) Comfort waist pants are the most comfortable pants in the universe, including that new dwarf planet they discovered in our solar system.

2) The comfort waist is virtually invisible (under a belt).

3) If regular pants married sweat pants, their children would be comfort waist pants: comfortable around the middle and perfect for wearing to work.

4) Average waist size of men who order comfort waist pants? 35.

5) Comfort waist pants ensure that after you eat that big dinner at your conference, you’ll be completely comfortable through the presentation following the meal.

6) Comfort waist jeans? Yes!

7) No one has ever returned a pair of Comfort Waist Pants because “they were too comfortable.”


Extra Bonus! Unsolicited (albeit cherry-picked) landsend.com customer comments about Comfort Waist Pants

Florida: Let me tell you, these are the most comfortable of any pants I have ever worn. They fit well, look great and did I mention how comfortable they are.

Maryland: The fit was perfect, quality of these pants are always terrific especially for work or any occasion.

Ohio: These are the best pants I own.

New York: Fits GREAT! I like the comfort waist cuz it fits if my weight is up or down.

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