Who Knew A Swim Tee Could Be A Fashion Statement?


While the main inspiration for our Swim Tee was providing sun protection in and around the water, our customers love it so much they’ve found all sorts of ways to wear it – many beyond water time. And they usually don’t limit themselves to just one. With all of the fun prints, who can blame ‘em? Take a look at some of the rave reviews and see where our swim tee is popping up.

For day and night: doubles as a tee to wear with shorts, crops, capris – at home or travelling. (One less thing to pack. Nice.)

“I wore this with swim skirts, swim bottoms, and even paired it with shorts and wore it to lunch. Also great that I can throw a cover-up piece in my beachbag that dries fast and has so many flexible wear options.” landsend.com customer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I own 5 and they are my go to top when traveling. I wear it for the pool and out in the evening with capris.” landsend.com customer from Minnesota





For active sports on land or sea: golf courses, tennis courts, kayaks and fishing boats, our swim tee is ready for your next adventure.

“I was looking for sun protection for my arms when I play golf and this was ideal. Even in the hot Florida sun, the lightweight shirt was comfortable and not bulky under another shirt.” landsend.com customer from Melbourne, Florida

“Love, love, love this shirt for tennis. Sunscreen just doesn’t provide enough protection, and it has to be continuously reapplied. This shirt is light and keeps you extra cool.” landsend.com customer

“I’ve been wearing it 3-4 times a week all summer for swimming and kayaking. If you do water sports wearing a pfd (personal flotation device) this is a terrific shirt. It eliminates chafing from the pfd, gives you sun protection, looks great, dries fast and packs well. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.” landsend.com customer from Portland, Oregon




For just being outside: warm climate dwellers and those who spend a lot of time in the sun are thrilled to have coverage with a splash of style.

“I bought these for walking and gardening. I like them being a little loose and airy rather than form fitting. And I appreciate having something pretty to wear while still being protected from sun worries.” landsend.com customer from Lake Norman, North Carolina

“I now have SIX of these fabby shirts. I live in them — they are perfect for any outdoor activity (gym, walking, running to the store) and look like nicely fitted t-shirts. I live in Bermuda and sun protection is critical.” landsend.com customer from Bermuda.


For serious sun protection: A priority for people at any age, especially those sensitive to the sun. In fact, our swim tee has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant.

“This is a fabulous option for sun protection! I have survived serious skin cancer and I purchased this tee to wear during a trip to the Bahamas. It was wonderful! It protected my delicate skin from the hot sun, and was comfortable to swim in as well. And I like it is more feminine. I am planning to order another one.” landsend.com customer from North Carolina

“I purchased it for a recent trip to the Middle East, as I am allergic to the sun. I wore this sightseeing in the desert during the mid-day sun where there was very little shade. I was amazed that it worked so well to protect my skin. I’m currently ordering more to use for the rest of this summer.” landsend.com customer from Richmond, Indiana


For swimming, of course! While our swim tee has truly shown its versatility, there are many who do wear it swimming and love the way it performs in the water.

“I purchased one last summer. It is very light weight, comfortable and flattering. Every time we went out on the boat, I wore mine. I often wore it in the water as well. It dries quickly once back in the boat. I see this year Lands’ End has a lot more colors and patterns, so I can add to my collection, but that’s a problem. Which one should I get? They all look so fun!” landsend.com customer

“I took this shirt to sail for a week in the BVIs. I wore it every day swimming and snorkeling. It is lightweight and cool, and I never burned. It dried quickly and kept its shape. I’m going back to buy more.” landsend.com customer from Florida

“I wear it every other day in the pool and it has not faded or stretched out of shape. It protects me from the sun and wind on my daily swims. I have received many compliments on this shirt.” landsend.com customer from San Diego, California

So where’s your favorite place to wear your swim tee? We’d love to hear about it. Or better yet, share a picture of you wearing it at your favorite spot on Instagram #landsend #swimtee.


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