What Ross is Grabbing For His Weekend Getaway!

Whether a man’s destination is the beach or the mountains, he can enjoy a whole weekend getaway packing just a duffel bag – as long as it’s filled with the right stuff.


Ross works in the online universe here at Lands’ End, and although still in his 20s, he has already seen several corners of the world. His passport stamps include Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. This world wanderer has adopted a minimalist-packer point of view since many of his miles are spent with a backpack slung on his shoulders. One summer soon, Ross wants to head (way) north to Iceland or Norway. When he embarks on the next adventure, his miles of experience will have taught him well, and this is what he will be packing:


Ross’ must-haves for a weekend getaway:

1.     A set of casual and/or rugged options to impress the natives with my ability to blend into the environment

2.    A fancier ensemble to woo the natives at the local watering hole

3.     Appropriate footwear + a spare set – I often travel on foot as I am more elusive that way

4.    Some form(s) of headdress


Ross’ learned-the-hard-way travel tip:

“Always pack some sort of strap/belt to hold your luggage together – you never know when a zipper could bust.”

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