The Parsons New School For Design Project


First Place Winners Pan Wang and Benjamin Ayer


Back in the fall of 2013 we launched a design project with the Parsons New School for Design in New York City as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. Many of our past, present (and hopefully future) Lands’ End designers are Parsons graduates and we loved the idea of partnering with the school to help support America’s future fashion trendsetters.

And because we recognize that sustainability plays a major role in the future for fashion design, we added a little twist to the project:

Design a new woman’s assortment that incorporates sustainable components, materials or production techniques.



On March 10th, 2014 we announced the winners. The first place team received a $7500 scholarship. Two 2nd place winners received $2500 scholarships. And two 3rd place winners received $1250 scholarships.

Read more about the winners and the Lands’ End  50th Anniversary design project on Parsons’ blog.

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