Smile! Our Top 10 Photography Tips.

Need a few photography tips for Easter, spring weddings and graduations? Below are our Top Ten Favorites from the experts at the Lands’ End Photo Studio. We’d love to see your special holiday photos! Feel free to share them with us at Facebook.


1. Step up: If you think you’re close enough, get closer.



2. Sit down: With kids, get down to their level.



3. Open the drapes: Try to use natural light.


4. Become invisible: The best pictures happen when the subjects don’t know you’re watching.



5. Look behind: Shoot in front of simple and uncluttered backgrounds. And watch for branches “growing” out of a subject’s hair.


6. Steady! Improve image details and try using a tripod.


7. Make them laugh: A sure-fire way to make people look unnatural is to shout “smile” just before you click. Instead: Tell a joke or make a funny face.


8. Keep it simple: When dressing the family for a highly photographed event avoid busy patterns like plaids, stripes and polka dots. Too distracting in a photo.


9. Annual pic: When taking the annual family photo, coordinate outfits to flatter every one.



10. Add pets: They naturally relax the clan for more natural expressions. And after all, they’re family, too.


*Bonus Tip: Remind subjects of this when taking a group photo – If you can’t see the photographer, the camera won’t see you.

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