ShakeDry: More Than Just Swim Trunks

Can our ShakeDry™ Cargo Board Shorts stand up to an active vacation in paradise? That’s what Ian, the designer of the shorts, wanted to test when he packed for his 20-day trip to a remote island in Indonesia last year. As it turned out, our ShakeDry Shorts were practically the only shorts he needed to pack.

The name says it all: ShakeDry. Our most popular swimming trunks, they dry lickety-split so you will be comfortable quicker and there’s no need to change before the car ride home. But what Ian wanted to road test was how the shorts would hold up during a trip with multiple activities and few opportunities for wardrobe changes.




From his base at a tent camp in the middle of a jungle, Ian had access to beaches, mountains and rain forests.  How did ShakeDry hold up? Diving into a waterfall pool – the shorts offered no “ballooning” and the zippered pockets kept things inside secure.  Climbing out of the rocky pool, the shorts made every move comfortably.




During a tour through the hot, humid rain forest, the shorts kept up without chafing and kept him cool and comfortable. And the fish he saw while scuba diving inspired the prints that will be available in Spring 2015.




Ian even brought along a prototype of the Monterey Board Shorts (coming out mid-March 2014!) to wear test while on the trip.




But you don’t have to travel across the world to test these shorts. You’ll find their great versatility can be an advantage right in your backyard.

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