Seams Plausible: It’s From Where?



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Reader Randy S. writes in to ask, “Where does cashmere come from?”

Randy, the best way to answer your question is by playing the game that’s taking the nation by storm: “WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?”

Here are the rules: the first column lists 7 different items. The second column is a list of places. Your job is to match each item with the place it comes from. Jimmy, can we have 60 seconds on the clock? Ready? Go!


Time’s up! Here’s the answer key:
A-1; B-2; C-3; D-4; E-5; F-6; G-7

How many did you get correct?

Here’s how you rate:
7 correct = very smart person who knows where 7 things came from
6 correct = smart person who knows where 6 things came from
5 correct = kinda smart person who didn’t know where 2 things came from
4 correct = average smart person who knows where a few things came from
3 correct = almost average smart person who doesn’t really care where things came from or doesn’t like to take online quizzes like “Which automobile are you?”
2 correct = still smart person, but only knows where 2 things came from
1 correct = also still smart, but not as smart as someone who got more answers right
0 correct = smart, but in the “opposite of smart” sort of way

Tune in next week when we’ll play, “Where Does it Come From: Winter Weight Gain Edition.”

You’re welcome.

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