How to Spring: Where It All Began

On a relatively chilly day in January, just when winter was really settling in, I walked into Hudson Studios on West 15th Street in New York for our spring 2014 campaign shoot. With photographer Craig McDean and stylist Alex White behind the lens and the beautiful Lilly Donaldson in front of it, our How To Spring campaign shoot was quite a whirlwind day. The prop stylist was ready with everything from rose petals and butterflies to parakeets and finches. Two crews were simultaneously working on two sets — shooting Lilly on one, the props on the other. The hair stylist and make-up artist each had an assistant and the stylist had two. In addition to the photography crews, there was a completely separate video crew filming the whole thing as the day progressed. Six looks and one stunning season later, our How To Spring campaign was born.

Take a peek behind the scenes.


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