What Bob’s Grabbing For His Weekend Getaway!

Whether a man’s destination is the beach or the mountains, he can enjoy a whole weekend getaway packing just a duffel bag – as long as it’s filled with the right stuff.




You might recognize Bob: He has appeared in many  ”Please Read the Copy” videos, and as a Creative Director he gets up close and personal with our collection of great styles for men. And he’s sold on them. For a weekend away Bob will pack – you guessed it – lots of Lands’ End styles. Someday Bob plans to take his four kids, their spouses and all the grandkids to Disney World, but for a visit to beautiful, quaint and historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin, here’s what he takes:


Bob’s must-haves for a weekend getaway:


1.     Blue Sail Rigger Oxford – works well anywhere, any situation.

2.     A pair of Chinos for the same reason.

3.     And a pair of dark Jeans … for the same reason.

4.     Plus a Cashmere Sweater – usually navy. It’s lightweight, but warm and doesn’t take up much space.


Bob’s learned-the-hard-way travel tip:

“After you pack, take half the stuff out of your bag. You won’t miss it.”


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