What Nick’s Grabbing For His Weekend Getaway!

Whether a man’s destination is the beach or the mountains, he can enjoy a whole weekend getaway packing just a duffel bag – as long as it’s filled with the right stuff.




Nick is a merchant at Lands’ End and one day he plans to jet off to the French Riviera and attend the Cannes Film Festival. Movie stars! Paparazzi! Shellfish! But all that glamour will have to wait. Right now he whiles away the weekends at his lake house lounging on a chaise, sipping a cold beverage, reading People magazine. What does he pack to relax at the lake?

Nick’s must-haves for a weekend getaway:


1.     Swimming trunks, navy, nautical striping, or white

2.     Chino shorts, white or khaki

3.     Oxford or chambray shirt

4.     Boat shoes – A huge necessity!

5.     Great pair of jeans, for a casual dinner out

6.     Baseball cap

7.     Ray-Ban sunglasses

8.     For personal Zen time: a great book or a yoga mat


Nick’s learned-the-hard-way travel tip:

“It’s good to have an agenda, but it’s crucial to stay open to unexpected opportunities. You never want to miss out on a memory!”


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