What Scott’s Grabbing For His Weekend Getaway!

Whether a man’s destination is the beach or the mountains, he can enjoy a whole weekend getaway packing just a duffel bag – as long as it’s filled with the right stuff.




Scott, a director at Lands’ End, likes to participate in high-octane sports. An avid cyclist, he dreams of one day attacking the Alpe d’Huez, a grueling climb on the Tour de France. Until then, jettisoning down hills wearing narrow planks of fiberglass strapped to his feet will have to do.


Scott’s must-haves for a weekend getaway:


1. Down vest

2. Jeans

3. Thermaskin™ Half-zip

4. Cashmere sweater

5. Ski jacket

6. Wool boot socks

7. Fleece pullover

8. Knit hat

9. Goggles (with helmet carried separately)


Scott’s learned-the-hard-way travel tip:

“Take your toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on bag.”



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