Spring In Bloom: The Story Behind Our Signature Floral Print


“This is the pinnacle pattern of the season. Our muse,” says Cheryl, head of women’s design, of the brilliant multi-floral print that anchors our Spring collection.

How did it come about? “We went looking for a floral so unique, unabashedly feminine. Eileen Gleeson, a London-based artist, delivered. Here’s how it happened,” Cheryl explained, her eyes telling us we were in on a secret.

“On one of her many trips to the local market, Eileen was inspired by the beauty of spring flowers she saw at virtually every stand. She brought the flowers back to her amazing studio, which is located in a big old barn outside the city. She worked with a group of artist friends to capture the beauty of the gardens before them. They were encouraged to use the medium that inspired them most. So some artists used photography, some used paint. Their art was combined to create our signature print,” she explained. Look closely – you can feel the collaboration of color and style.


“We were instantly reminded of the Monet’s Gardens at Giverny,” says Cheryl.

The print holds the key colors of spring at Lands’ End. Pair your hyper floral scarf back to the greens, purples, pinks, yellows and blues in tees, dress shirts, dresses. Or wear your multi floral pants with any number of colored shirts. “It’s a bit of achameleon that way,” Cheryl tells us.“Pair it with blue and it brings out the blues so much, the pinks become secondary. Try it again with greens, yellows, purples.”

Inspired by artists, brought to you by your apparel experts. Take a closer look.


Eileen shares her floral design story with Pantoneview.com

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