Tips For That Snowy Commute


So once again the frigid temperatures and snowy conditions up here in Wisconsin (and most of the eastern half of the country for that matter) are bordering on the ridiculous. For everyone living down south, we’re sorry you have to deal with all this cold and snow. We’re pretty used to it up here, and a few of us at Lands’ End wanted to share with you some of our tips and tricks for a snowy or icy commute to work.

Build A Winter Weather Survival Kit

First thing you’ll need is a decent-sized plastic tub to put everything in so you’ll only need to make one trip to the car with all your supplies. And so the trunk of your car doesn’t look like a hobo has been camping in it.
Here’s what we recommend as necessities.

For Your Car

    • Windshield scraper for any icy windows
    • Small shovel in case you skid off the road into deep snow
    • A small bag of either road salt, sand or kitty litter in case you need traction
    • Jumper cables or, better yet, a battery booster/starter pack
    • A few road flares (perfect for being seen and starting a campfire to stay warm if your car breaks down in a rural area)

For You

    • Bottled water (cold weather will dehydrate you quickly)
    • Snack foods (energy bars, dried fruit and jerky are some of my favorites)
    • Small first aid kit with a pocket knife
    • Necessary medications (you could be stranded for a bit so it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it)
    • Fully charged cell phone (preferably with some games on it if you’re stranded for a while)
    • Flashlight (with the batteries in reverse so it doesn’t accidentally switch on and burnout)

But most important, make sure to have a warm jacket, gloves, hat, socks and a blanket.

And should you get into an accident or break down on a busy or icy road, STAY IN YOUR CAR.
Remember the game Frogger?
Things never worked out that well for him.

Photos courtesy of: Ready Wisconsin.


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