The Backyard Experiment: Lands’ End Expedition Jackets

Testing our 2014 prototype Expedition Jacket (available next winter).

Testing our 2014 prototype Expedition Jacket (available next winter).


On Monday, January 6th, a weather phenomenon called a Polar Vortex (which if you ask me sounds like a new sports drink flavor) dipped down from northern Canada and covered the entire midsection of the US. At our home office in Dodgeville the temperature was -18° F with wind chills in the -20s and -30s.

While most people hunkered down and stayed inside, we took advantage of this crazy cold snap to test our Lands’ End Expedition Jackets and Arctic Gloves.

We ran our own little backyard experiment to see how warm it is underneath our Expedition outerwear. Using a simple indoor/outdoor digital thermometer, we wired the sensor under the jacket. Then we set out to brave the elements and document that our outerwear can handle Mother Nature’s worst. Guaranteed. Period.®

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