Running The Numbers


Most of us measure the holidays by the pounds – turkey, potatoes, squash, a little weight gain from over-indulging in pie. . .  Our very own Kim, Art Director in the Women’s Division, measured her holiday by the mile when she completed her very first 5K race.

Kim’s race, the Berbee Derby, is one of many Thanksgiving Day races that are cropping up in cities all around the country.  Lands’ End has been a proud sponsor of the Berbee Derby for the past four years, fielding an annual team of runners in support of healthy living and the Technology Education Foundation, the race’s chosen charity.

Kim decided to join the crew this year to help mix up the workout routine she’s been following since June. “I hadn’t been active since I moved to Wisconsin 19 years ago,“ said Kim.  “I felt tired every day, exhausted to the point where I worried that I was sick.“

Before going to the doctor, though, she decided to try that age-old solution of exercising and eating better.  She even chose her busiest time of year because she knew if she could keep it up then, it could become a lifelong habit.  She was right.  And the proof is in the numbers:

Five months.
Five days per week (to earn rest on the weekends, of course).
Running 40 stairs sixteen times in a row, up from walking them just twice.
Using 12 pound dumbbells in strength workouts, up from 5.
Doing 80 squats in a single workout.
Losing 30 pounds and two sizes.
And, of course, running an entire 5K race (3.1 miles) in just over 42 minutes without stopping or walking after starting out being able to run only 1/8 of a mile at once.


Success is measured in far more than math for Kim, though.  “I let go of the numbers on the scale. I like feeling strong. I can do things now that were so hard before, like moving 40-pound bags of water softener salt.  I used to have to ask someone.  I feel so independent.“

Before you know it, Christmas will be behind us, and we’ll all be facing a new year with new goals.  Nothing is stopping you from getting an early start, though!

“If I can do it, anybody can do it,“ says Kim.  “I started the year in shambles – I fell through the ice in January, then I tripped over a curb and hurt my knee and arm, and I got plantar fasciitis.  I’m ending the year feeling so good!  I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in five months.  When you’ve decided to get started, momentum can carry you.  I’m looking forward to being optimally fit for me, whatever that is.“

What are you looking forward to this year?

Guaranteed.Blisters. placed 5th out of 74

Guaranteed.Blisters. placed 5th out of 74



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