Fitness Goal Check: “Don’t Stop Now.”


Fitness Fitterati® Courtney Horan, blogger, new mom and fan of our new Performance Collection.

It’s about that time when the honeymoon stage of new fitness goals starts to wane. Trips to the gym are challenged by demands on your time. “Here’s where it gets hard,” says Fitness Fitterati®, Courtney Horan.

Our favorite blogger (warning: her fresh stories on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life will draw you in for hours) has been through extremes on her road to healthy living, including many such starts and stops.

“I used to think staying fit meant constant trips to the gym, salads every day, and minimal amounts of calories,” says Courtney. “Being healthy isn’t a certain size or number on the scale. It’s so much more than that.”

This understanding actually was the key to making fitness a part of her life.

“The drastic measures I had once taken to be the “picture of health” wound up preventing me from being able to have a baby. (Read Courtney’s story here) I knew that gaining the weight I needed to get pregnant was not the end of the world. It was the beginning of a brighter, more beautiful life.”

fitness2Courtney now trades her daily trip to the gym for walks with baby Lucas and occasional workouts at home. And yes, she indulges her food cravings, yet makes sensible choices that allow her to live a more balanced life. “It’s not that I’m sitting around, I just approach fitness differently. I park farther away from the door, add a few extra flights of stairs,” she says. “And I wear my active clothes when I’m home or running errands. That way, I’m ready to sneak in a quick workout around Lucas’s schedule. It’s not a regiment, it’s just how I live now. And it feels so much healthier.”

So, take it from Courtney: giving up what isn’t working doesn’t mean you have to give up on your health.

Join Courtney’s national audience that benefits from her incredibly frank, earnest commentary. Her awakening continues to attract readers, and landed her the role of FITNESS magazine’s Fitness Fitterati®. This growing community offers true engagement from people across the fitness spectrum.


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