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It’s the time of year when lists are everywhere: bests, worsts, etc. Coincidentally, it’s the time of year when I’ve found all sorts of notes stuffed into pockets of clothing I haven’t worn for a while. Instead of answering a question about clothing, here’s a list compiled from all those random pieces of paper that were inside my clothes.

“Bananas are the cheesecake of fruit.”I must have thought this was quite clever when I made a note of it. Next to it I wrote, “Cashews are the Cadillac of nuts,” but that’s so obvious I’m surprised I jotted it down.

“Toaster oven”.
No idea what this means. Should it be cleaned? Moved? Repaired? What if I try to use it and it bursts into flames? Maybe I should just throw it away to be safe.

“The goat cheddar was served with pear chutney.”
We had a “cheese flight” at a restaurant and thought this was a particularly tasty pairing. Despite the note, we’ve had neither one since. I’m not even sure what chutney is.

“In theatre number six, the big stairway is on the left as you look at the screen.”
I can’t remember if I want to sit next to the big stairway or on the opposite end of the row in this Cineplex. Any help from someone familiar with theatre six would be welcome.

I must have written this down when I was asleep because now that I’m awake it makes no sense to me. Looks like it has something to do with something important though.

“It’s not the minutes at the table, it’s the ‘seconds’.”
I lost some weight this year. Before each meal I would repeat this phrase aloud to my dining companions with a little giggle. Then I’d have seconds. And desert. (Usually pie.)

The simplicity of this note is fascinating. Was I reminding myself to wear a belt? That seems odd. Or was it a password for a website I visited once and never returned to?

This year, I’m resolving to make all notes on my phone – not on paper. If nothing else, it will make less of a mess when it goes through the washer and dryer.

You’re welcome. And Happy New Year.

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