Many Happy Returns




The Lands’ End policy is Guaranteed. Period® – but occasionally a return shows up that never saw the pages of a Lands’ End catalog. We try to straighten out these errant packages, and judging by the mail we receive, people appreciate it…


Honey, have you seen the remote?

“My TV remote control was missing. Apparently it was stuck in the middle of items I returned. You cannot imagine how funny we thought it was when we got a package from Lands’ End with the remote in it … and it still worked! Great job Lands’ End!”

– Judy M.


Blonde moment?

“In an apparent major blonde moment, I sent you a DVD that should have been returned to and your returns department was caring & kind enough to return it to me rather than just tossing it.  I appreciate this more than you know – on a much larger scale, it actually gives me hope that there are still some of us out there with quality & good sense.  Thank you so much for being so thoughtful of someone else.”

– Andrea K


CD gone AWOL

“I would like to thank Jeanne in the Returns Department for sending back a CD that I had inadvertently included in my return.  I had no idea that the CD was missing, and I really appreciate that someone made the effort to get it back to me. “

– Donna C.


Fast forward

“I was really pleasantly surprised and astounded when I returned something from another mail order company inadvertently to Lands’ End, but you mailed it to the correct company for me. I cannot think of anything that is more customer-centric than this action. You recognized my intentions, you thoughtfully and with extra effort took care of my mistake, and then I benefited from your actions by not having to deal with getting it back from you and resending it to the original company. While I have always been a big fan of your products, this is really a great testimonial of your customer service.”

– Cathy F.


A little green in the jeans

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the honesty of the employee that received the returned pants that had money in the pocket. I received the refund check yesterday. I have always said that you stand by your products 100%, have prompt service and that your customer service representatives are the nicest people to deal with in placing orders. Now I can add that your employees are truly awesome. Thank you for your honesty and for having a business that America can be proud of.”

– Barbara D


Here today, Guyana tomorrow.

Another customer sent us 1,000 Guyanese dollars. We thought she’d be excited to have them back, but they were worth $4.86 U.S. In a returned shoe we once found a wad of U.S. bills that would make Walter White blush. Back they went.


Wrong lighthouse

“This was an awfully nice thing to do (forwarding some returned merchandise to L.L. Bean) and it deserved a ‘thank you.’”

– Dave W.


Time Flies

“Yesterday I received a package I wasn’t expecting, but was VERY thankful for!

“I recently returned a package to Lands’ End … what I didn’t know was that somehow my watch had fallen into the same box. I have been searching for that watch for weeks now. Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the mystery package from Lands’ End and there was my watch!”

– Heather S.


Take two aspirin and call 1-800-800-5800 in the morning.

We once received a personal medical history. Your blood pressure looks good, we diagnosed, but consider upping your cashmere intake. We also received a death certificate … unrelated to the medical history as far as we could see.



The Dodgeville Historical Society would have been ecstatic.

The Returns team received a package of rare historical artifacts –yellowed pages that included a personal letter to Andrew Jackson as well as documents discussing the Constitution and signed by presidents, including Thomas Jefferson. They were intended for a Washington museum, but the customer swapped the addresses. We always wondered … did the museum consider displaying the turtleneck return it received? It is a very nice turtleneck. Museum quality, some would say.



If your pastor gives a sermon in a Squall® Jacket this Easter, you’ll know why.

Fabric for liturgical garments arrived at our door. It was heavy and thick and beautifully  embroidered with crosses. When contacted, the customer said she’d accidently sent her Lands’ End return to a company that makes garments worn by ministers and priests for Easter services.


Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

We have received a lawn tractor seat. A weed whacker. A tire swing. And perfume. But we already have a Wisconsin perfume. It’s called DairyAir.


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