Lands’ End In Space!


Do you think we’d be exaggerating if we told you our Lands’ End® clothes are out of this world?

Well, think again. Our stuff has been to outer space, and may even land on Mars someday.

We can’t talk about most of our voyages into space without the permission of a rather large and important client. But we can tell you about our newest space venture with an amazing private company called XCOR.

Working inside a 1940’s hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California, XCOR’s team of roughly twenty are developing and producing safe, reliable, reusable launch vehicles, rocket engines and rocket propulsion systems. The ultimate goal? Making suborbital and orbital space travel a safe, relatively affordable reality for all of us.


Think about it. You’re planning a family vacation, and offering your kids the choice of a northwoods cabin, Disney World or … outer space. (They’ll still probably go with Disney World, but at least this will make things more interesting.)

When we visited XCOR recently, they treated us to an engine igniter demonstration, testing different fuel combinations. Doug Jones, chief test engineer and co-founder, explained what we were seeing: “This is an itty, bitty rocket engine with a lot of ambition.”

The crew entertains investors and customers from all over the world. And they’re encouraging future scientists, engineers and technologically savvy experts through their support of the non-profit group, Teachers in Space.


How does Lands’ End fit into all this? We supply XCOR’s public appearance clothing through our resourceful Lands’ End Business Outfitters division. While embroidery isn’t rocket science, Business Outfitters has the capability to render just about any logo imaginable on  Lands’ End apparel and gear.

“Your shirts make quite an impression,” says Aleta Jackson, co-founder and manager of the enterprising little company. Although maybe not quite as much as an engine igniter.

We’ll do whatever we can to help this company, ahem, take off.

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