What We’re Giving: Patrice/Megan


Patrice (pictured left) is our corporate stylist. He spends many hours on set with Megan (right) our photography director. The two can interpret a nod or eye-glance from the other in seconds.

“He needs Camo for Christmas,” Megan exclaims, with that trademark grin and glimmer in her eye. “Do we still have that great camo sweater available?”

“She needs a wine tote. You have no idea how many parties she’s invited to over the holidays,” adds Patrice.

“I actually gave myself a great present,” Megan offers.

“Let me guess, towels?” he says.

“I have a thing about towel sharing, he knows me. I always have a bunch of hand towels around. But this time, I added fun monograms in bright colors, like ‘Mine’ ‘Yours’ and ‘Not Mine’. I love them,” says Megan. We can’t wait to visit!

patrice2 patrice

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