The Perfect OCBD?



We love Oxford Cloth ButtonDowns. Always have. Our Fall 1977 catalog featured one and we’ve offered them ever since.

Back then, poly/cotton blends were everywhere and it was rare to find a shirt made of pure cotton, like ours. Which made it a hit. Revolutionary almost, going against the tide like that.

This year, when we set out to build our Sail Rigger Oxford for men we wanted it to be as good as it could be – and revolutionary in its own way.

How to do it?

A lot of oxford shirts are lightweights. And that was the starting point for us.

Drawing inspiration from our early shirts we developed a truly beefy fabric. “Oxford like it used to be” we said. And customers agreed, writing reviews like this:

“The Best Shirt, ever. Really.”

“Experience 1967 in 2013. What a great shirt. Polo and Gant just got served.”


You can visit anybody’s website and find handpicked reviews that make every product seem outstanding. But in this case, we were awed by the overwhelmingly positive response the Sail Rigger Oxford received. (See them yourself.)

Why the name? In the spirit of the shirt, we wanted one that evoked our heritage of sailing against the prevailing winds, and “Sail Rigger” summed it up best.

The Sail Rigger isn’t for every man: some say the fabric’s so beefy, just wearing it can raise your cholesterol 10 points. So exercise caution and chart your own course.


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