Made To Work: Reed Woodson

In September we launched our Made To Work campaign and introduced Reed Woodson, Joe Branch and Justin Talt – three guys who know the value of rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.



Since then, their stories have been seen (or read) around the world on CNN, Discovery Channel, ESPN, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Delta Sky Magazine.

Oh yeah – and in over 3 million Lands’ End catalogs.




I recently caught up with them to see how things are in their lives now that the world knows who they are.

Here’s what Reed shared with me. . .


Randy: What was it like seeing yourself on a TV commercial for the first time?

Reed: I was actually out of the country when the campaign launched and I just got back home. So I haven’t actually seen the spot on air yet. I hear it’s running on CNN, ESPN, CNBC so I know I’ll see it soon and I am sure it will be a trip.


Randy: Has anything changed for you since working on the campaign?

Reed:  I’ve seen a spike in traffic on Beejar (my website), and I’ve had an increase in random ads across various social media outlets, but that’s about it. But it’s been great fodder for the guys in my fantasy football league and they’ve certainly had a good time lighting me up.


Randy: One last question. Traditionally, the term “hard working men” has been associated with tradesmen. What do you think defines a hard working man?

Reed: I have a lot of respect for many different vocations and I don’t think manual labor needs to be a requirement for a hard day’s work. I was a carpenter on my first 5 design/build projects and know how hard that can be. But since moving over to the acquisition & design side of things, I know that’s no cakewalk either. At the end of the day, I think you know if you coasted or immersed yourself in your work. If the latter, then you’ve probably earned the title of hard working man.



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