What We’re Giving: Kristin



Kristin, women’s design director, shares: “I grew up the youngest of three, the only daughter. My mother was an incredible seamstress, a skill she maintains quite well today. She would make all my clothes when I was growing up. Those trips to the fabric store, picking out the perfect buttons, zippers, fabrics and finishings for the patterns – those were treasured moments. I realized quickly how good she was –  I could point to anything in a magazine and my mom would be able to duplicate, or improve upon the most complicated designs.

She had an exquisite hand. She was quick to share how color and detail elevates a design. Mom was also a third-grade teacher and would regularly share her skills with fellow educators. We had side-by-side sewing machines. When I’d get frustrated, she’d simply rip out my mistakes, but she’d make me fix them.

She’s also an exceptionally keen with knitting needles and yarn. That’s why I’m giving her our Cashmere Cardigan. It’s something I had a hand in developing. I want to be with her when she opens this gift. I know she’ll approve.”

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