What We’re Giving: Charese


Charese, senior merchant, women’s sweaters, shares:

“My cousin Tosh was my very first friend.  I was born in Rocky Mount, NC and my mother and I lived with her, my uncle and aunt for a short time.  Later we moved away to Michigan and I didn’t visit Rocky Mount for almost 10  years.  When we reconnected as teens, we found the differences between Michigan and Rocky Mount hilarious – from our accents to different slang words.  So that began the nicknames we still use for each other over 30 years later – Mouse.  I am City Mouse and she is Country Mouse.


“She complains about the cold in the “North” and I complain about the heat in the “South.”  This year, I want to wrap her up in our Maxi Down Coat so she will be weather proofed enough to visit me in Wisconsin around February, when I need my spirits lifted up. Whenever we get together we literally laugh every day and always manage to create an adventure out of any outing we go on.  She still hasn’t experienced real snow and I would love to see her in a blizzard.”


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