What We’re Giving: Julie


Julie, women’s merchandising director, shares:

“My grandmother was one-of-a kind to say the least – she was a unique mixture of serious (spawned from her German upbringing), playful, and even flirty back in the day! My fondest memories of her silly side were when my sister, cousins and I were young, we would visit her and my grandfather in Kansas. She’d surprise us with the most unexpectedly fun moments. One of the priceless memories we have was after our baths, before bedtime, she’d have us all dancing in our ‘underthings.’ She would be leading the pack in her leopard-print panties, doing her now infamous “leopard dance”. It was a pure giggle-fest for the four cousins, howls of laughter and claps. My mom and Auntie were always in awe of this side of their often “less than silly” mother! Those are cherished memories, moments in time that none of us will ever forget. 

“When Grandma Colette passed, we were so touched to find her legendary leopard delicates carefully wrapped in tissue. Our typically reserved Grandma had her silly side and I know that those leopard lovelies reminded her of the fun times she shared with her four little granddaughters. So this holiday, I’m giving all of Colette’s Girls something leopard – scarf, belt, sweater, shoes – everyone will open their gifts and know exactly why I sent them. I expect lots of shared giggles and a few happy tears.”

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