What We’re Giving: Annie


Annie, senior merchant, women’s outerwear, writes:

“I grew up out east where winter signals the start of paddleball tennis season. It’s this great sport that’s played outdoors on a fenced court that’s about a quarter the size of a regular tennis court. The racket is solid wood with holes in it and the mushy ball needs to freeze to get the right bounce. I took lessons for about 5 years. We all played, but none as much as my Dad. He’s been hitting the court for 40 years now and has no intention to stop.

Here’s the thing: when we were little, we’d all wear the same red down vests when we would play, or cheer on Dad. Five of us in fleece pullovers and red down vests. My dad would be out on the court in his khakis, a rugby shirt, running shoes, fleece and vest…but let me tell you, the play is intense. Thankfully he often played against doctors who wouldn’t think twice of stitching him up on the sidelines after a fierce swing of his would clip his face.

I can’t wait to recreate those memories and take one more picture of all of us in our “uniform.”  I may switch it up this year – maybe we don’t all need to be matching.  I haven’t decided yet.”





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