For A Long Winter’s Nap…


Pop quiz:

It’s been a long day. You’re exhausted. The Weather Channel says it’s 15 degrees outside.

And all you want to do is crawl into bed. A nice warm bed.

Is the best answer:

A) Quickly build a fireplace in your bedroom.

B) Adopt several dogs from your local shelter and train them to pre-warm up the bed by sleeping on it for an hour before you retire.

C) Set your headboard on fire.

D) Put your sheets in the dryer for 15 minutes, then quickly make your bed and hop in before they cool down.

E) Hot water bottles, and plenty of them.

The correct answer is: F) None of the above.

The best way to ensure you’ll never be cold again at bedtime is a set of 6-ounce flannel sheets.

For years, we slept on bargain brand flannel sheets at our house. They were thin and lasted only one season or so. They weren’t particularly warm, either. But they were cheap enough that we could replace them with a new color or pattern every year.

The problem is that sheets like that aren’t really flannel. At least, not when compared to 6-ounce sheets.

We’re talking about 6 ounces per square yard of double brushed Portuguese flannel woven from American-grown Supima® cotton. When you’re sandwiched between the cozy softness of the fitted and flat sheet, cold feet don’t stand a chance. These densely woven sheets trap your body heat and reflect it back at you – creating warmth that’s almost instantaneous.

There is a downside to these magnificent sheets: there’s no turning back once you’ve tried them. Pick a color and pattern you like, because they’ll last for years.


(Note: For real chilly bugs, add the warmth of a comforter inside a 6-ounce flannel comforter cover. You’ll be able to sleep with the windows open and the furnace turned way down.)

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