This Story Stinks


So now that the title of this post has caught your attention I’d like to share an “only in Wisconsin” experience I recently had.

It involves Limburger cheese.

If you’ve never heard of this cheese consider yourself lucky.




But before I cut into my cheese story, I need to set the stage.

I grew up on the coast of Connecticut where twice a day the odoriferous scent of low tide assaulted my nose. But over time I learned to appreciate the smell of low tide because I realized that was when the coast came alive.

Crabs would scurry about picking fights with anything that moved. Clams buried in the low tide muck would spit water up at anyone that walked to close. And seagulls would fly 50 feet up in the air with fresh oysters in their mouth and drop them on any hard surface – like a dock or a rock jetty…or the roof of some guy’s Porsche.

When the smell of low tide would creep in I knew a show was about to begin.

Now let’s fast forward to a few weeks ago when some fellow Lands’ Enders and I ventured to Baumgartners Cheese Store & Tavern in Monroe, Wisconsin – the only place in the world where you can still order a Limburger cheese sandwich.


Little did I know the rancid scent of Limburger cheese would raise the curtain to a new show similar to the one I would watch during low tide.

Only this time the actors weren’t crustaceans, mollusks and birds.

They were my friends and me.

After ordering a few Limburger cheese sandwiches, we agreed to cut them into small bites and each try at least one.

We scurried like crabs and fought for the smallest piece.

After taking a bite, one of us immediately spit it out like a clam about to get stepped on.

And the rest of us quickly dropped our pieces back on our plates as we awkwardly chewed our bites down. In hindsight, I would have preferred to share a dirty oyster with a seagull.

After a few seconds of communal laughing and contorted facial expressions, the show was over. Not surprisingly, there was no applause.

So, if you ever find yourself visiting southern Wisconsin and enjoy improv comedy where the actors don’t know they’re putting on a show, head down to Baumgartners on a weekend when tourists are in town looking to try their infamous Limburger cheese sandwich.




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