This Is Why We Rescue: Apple, Phoenix & Hermosa


Apple is looking fierce in the Skeleton Knit Dog Sweater, Phoenix is couldn’t be happier about her Shawl Collar Icon Pet Sweater and Hermosa is looking mighty sweet in her Pumpkin Patch Knit Dog Sweater.


GINA PATTON, Internet Creative Production Assistant
NAME: Apple, Phoenix and Hermosa (from left to right)
BREED: Greyhounds and Galgo Español respectively
AGE: 7, 7 and 4
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER: 4 years, 3 years and 1 year respectively


Both Phoenix and Apple are retired racing dogs. Phoenix chose us when we met her at the adoption kennel. She leaned on us (physically) and we knew we were hers. She was our first Greyhound and like many other Greyhound owners, we quickly added a second and then a third to our pack.

Soon after adopting Phoenix, we knew we wanted to bring another home. Apple had been at the kennel for a while, over 4 months, and someone finally took her home to foster. We asked about her and were told she’s not an easy dog to have. She’s very headstrong and not one to “go with the flow.” But we went to meet her and fell in love right away. She has her moments but don’t we all?

Hermosa was born in Medina, Spain, bred to hunt. Her owner surrendered her to a rescue shelter in January 2012. She was so sick but the caregivers at the shelter nursed her back to health. I flew to Spain in October 2012 and brought her to her new home in Wisconsin.

WHAT ARE THEIR FAVORITE THINGS TO DO? Apple loves to go for walks, eat and SLEEP. Phoenix loves going anywhere in the car and of course, eating and sleeping. He also loves doing “zoomies” in the living room. Hermosa is a champion squirrel chaser and she loves to talk and sing, too.

THEY ALWAYS GET IN TROUBLE FOR…Apple wants to walk where she wants to walk, regardless of where I want to go or how much time I have. Phoenix is notorious for eating the other dogs’ food. Hermosa barks and growls at the others at night. She’s scared of the dark and takes it out on them.

THEY ARE SO SPOILED…Apple thinks it’s treat time any time someone is even near the kitchen. Phoenix barks at the other dogs when they start to play with their toys. She thinks she’s the only one who can play with them. Hermosa gets food ANY time she asks for it. I just can’t say no to her – she knows hunger too well.

RESCUE ORGANIZATION OF CHOICE: GPA Wisconsin, SCOOBY Humane Society and Environment


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