The Lands’ End Pumpkin Carving Winner is…


This years 2013 Lands’ End Pumpkin Carving Challenge winner with 513 ‘Likes.”




What did Carmen win for carving such an amazing pumpkin? Tickets to the Green Bay Packer’s game, of course.


When I look out the window by my desk I can see the new Lands’ End orchard saplings we planted in spring, as well as the edge of our legendary employee garden.

What’s just out of my view is our big, old pumpkin patch.




We had a nice crop of over 200 fat pumpkins pop out of the ground this year. Each October we hold the annual Lands’ End employee Pumpkin Carving Challenge but this year we decided to change things up a bit. As in previous years, everyone here got to cast a vote for his or her favorite. But this year we posted the ten pumpkins with the most Lands’ End employee votes on Facebook to let our fans choose the winner.

Over 1500 fans voted.

Here are the runner-ups and their scores:


Second Place: 409 “Likes.”



Third Place: 166 “Likes.”



Fourth Place: 154 “Likes.”



Fifth Place (Tie): 80 “Likes”

Likes 80

Fifth Place (Tie): 80 “Likes”


Likes 65

Sixth Place: 66 “Likes.”

Likes 46

Seventh Place: 46 “Likes.”


Likes 29

Eighth Place: 29 “Likes.”


Likes 23

Ninth Place: 23 “Likes.”








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