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Reader Ben S. writes in to ask, “Should I be wearing pajamas?”

Now here’s a question that deserves a little bit of our time, and as soon as we’re all caught up on the backlog of TV shows on the DVR we’ll get to it. (Spoiler alerts: Walter dies. Packers 27, Bears 6. She’s an android.)

For starters, I often see men wearing pajama bottoms and t-shirts at the mall. Did they think they could sneak a quick nap on a bench outside the “Sunglass Shack and Piercing Place” while their girlfriend got an eyebrow ring?

This is not as farfetched as it seems. Some guys can sleep anywhere, like the carpooler next to me at the stop sign this morning. His face was pressed against the window, a small trickle of drool running down the glass, fellow passengers crammed into the back seat next to him. Judging from how fast they barreled through flashing yellow light in the school zone down the block, they must have been very eager to get to work. I couldn’t tell if this guy was wearing pajamas, but there’s a good chance he was not wearing socks. So maybe that’s not a good example after all.

Don’t get me wrong: I admire men who can sleep almost anywhere. I can’t. Except for the occasional Sunday nap on the couch during the football game (Go Pack!) I usually sleep in bed wearing pajamas.

Why pajamas? Two reasons.

I have never been a fan of boxer shorts and a tee shirt, mostly because it’s difficult for me to find matching pieces in my size with Captain America’s shield on them.

And I have never been comfortable sleeping “au natural.” In my mind, this turns my sheets into my underwear and that is not a pleasant, sleep-conducive thought for me (or my wife).

So, yes, pajamas. But for sleeping, not shopping.

You’re welcome.

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